Surface Pro 9 5G Starts To Become Cheaper

Microsoft has a couple of Surface sales that coincides with the back to school season, a time of the year when many college students need to buy a powerful computer for their studies.

Among university students, one of the most sought after specs to have on a computer these days is 5G.

Microsoft launched the 5G version of the Surface Pro 9 last year, where the Surface Pro 9 5G model features the Qualcomm SQ3 processor, instead of the Intel Core processor of the Wi-Fi versions.

Surface Pro 9 tablet and keyboard in green

And while this change the performance a between the two chipsets, it does give the 5G model a longer battery life, where the Surface Pro 9 5G can stay on for up to 19 hours when measured by the local video playback standard for battery rating.

These 5G models were originally launched from $1299, but has started go on sale on Monday from the $1029 mark instead as per the advertisement.

Most people will still go for the Intel Core versions though, due to the still ongoing app incompatibility and sluggishness of having Windows on ARM, despite app emulation.

And the Intel Core Surface Pro 9 models already have a good battery life anyway, and can be modified to be extra battery frugal if you configure your Windows settings accordingly.

The Surface Pro 9 tablets can be mixed with keyboards of different colors, including green, red, sapphire, platinum, or black.

But when you are buying on of these, keep in mind that there are two packages sold of the keyboard. One with the Slim Pen 2 included, and one without the pen. But the digitizer pen can be stored in the keyboard on both packages sold. And there are a few other pens that are compatible with the Surface Pro 9 screen too.

– Tom Bowen