Preview Of SuperRed Pad With OpenHarmony OS

The first OpenHarmony OS based tablet has been previewed, and it's a tablet made by Beijing SuperRed Technology, a company invloved in developing and delivering tech solutions in China.

While the tablet runs the OpenHarmony 3.1 based “Internet of Everything”, this first tablet does not come across as the start of a new era for the consumer tablet market at this point in time.

Nevertheless this is a Unisoc “Tiger” T618 powered tablet with a 10.4-inch Full HD resolution display, featuring 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and included 4G LTE. It also features quad speakers, and 15W charge support, just to give you a sense of the level this tablet is at.

SuperRed Pad

But you can still see a video preview below made by Lander Tee of the user interface on the SuperRed Pad if you are interested in one of the growing supported operating systems.

– Tom Bowen