Sub-$99 10.1-Inch 4G Android Tablet Noomai Ends Cyber Monday Week Sales

The regular priced $149 Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet was on sale for $99 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and at that price it made a compelling case for itself. Now another type of 10.1-inch tablet is on sale for around the same price to mark the end of Cyber Monday Week:

The tablet is one of 3 versions of the cellular 10.1-inch 4G Noomai tablet with Android 6.0. This is a HD tablet with 1280 x 800 resolution, powered by the 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6580 processor, with 2GB of RAM and just 16GB of storage. So this is no high-capcity beast, but it does have one thing other tablets in this price category lacks, and that's the dual-SIM 4G LTE.

Wi-Fi is more basic though, with just 802.11 b/g/n cover, although enough for most Internet uses when considering the processing capacities of the tablet.

Cyber Monday Week Tablet Deals 2017
Cyber Monday Week Tablet Deals 2017

The design is somewhat stylish at the back, reminiscent of some high-end phones, where there's also a 5MP camera with LED flash, with another 2MP camera at the front of the tablet.

Otherwise it has the usual 5000 mAh battery, GPS, micro-USB port, 128GB microSD card support, while being slimmer than usual, at just 7mm, with a weight of 532 grams.

So, this is a tablet only for somewone who really needs the cheapest possible 10.1-inch Android tablet with 4G.

Cyber Monday Week Tablet Deal 2017

– Tom Bowen