STM Dux Plus Rugged Case For 2020 iPad Pros Launching August 15

coverSTM is a tablet cover brand with some very highly rated rugged covers and cases. They already has some popular rugged cases on the market for the previous generation iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, but as Apple added a new camera setup on the back of the tablet this year, the old covers no longer fitted the 2020 iPad pros.

But now the new rugged iPad Pro case STM Dux Plus for both current generations iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 will launch on August 15. And let's face it, the iPad Pros are not particularly rugged tablets by themselves.

The good news is that the STM Dux Plus has retained the brilliant design of the previous generation case, with only the rear cameras being given some new additional room to fit into.

As before, the new STM Dux Plus will also launch in both grey and red, for a price of $69.

– Tom Bowen