Sony Xperia PRO Smartphone With 5G For High Quality Livestream Video Launched For $2499

The 6.5-inch Sony Xperia Pro was launched in the US today, where it is taking orders for as much as $2499, placing it in the competitive range of true flagship smartphones:

But Sony has still managed to make something that sticks out in this price range, sine this 5G smartphone even has a direct HDMI port, intended to be used to livestream high quality video, like in 4K over the 5G network.

A custom Sony Xperia Pro stand for the smartphone can also be connected to the hot shoe of a DSLR, so that the Xperia Pro can be used as an additional live monitor during filing.

Sony Xperia Pro has a few cameras itself too of course, including a 16mm, 24mm, and 70mm Zeiss camera. Central specs includes a 4K OLED display at 3840 x 1644 with Gorilla Glass 6, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G processor, 8GB – 12GB RAM, and and 512GB UFS storage.

Sony Xperia Pro 5G Livestream Camera
Sony Xperia Pro

– Tom Bowen