Sony VAIO SX14 Officially Launching In The US

The 14-inch Sony VAIO SX14 is officially launching in the US in a few days for anyone interested in Vaio computers, powerful laptops, or Japanese refinement:
Vaio SX14 is available in two versions. The most exciting one is the Intel Core i7-8565U powered model with 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution, 16GB RAM at 2133 MHz, 1TB SSD storage, and Windows 10 Pro.

But there's also a Intel Core i5 model with a Full HD display and 8GB of RAM.

There's also 4 different color options with the shiny red SX14 version actually costing $100 more than the black, silver, og champagne gold colored ones.

Four years ago the Vaio brand produced the first tablet with 16GB of RAM, so the next Windows tablet from Vaio should be something to look forward to even though we don't know when they will launch a successor to the Vaio Z Canvas tablet.

– Jim Miller