Small Wireless JVC Speaker With Surround Sound Stereo Launch October 3 For $20

If you're dissatisfied with the audio quality from your tablet or smartphone and are looking for more bass or stereo sound, a brand new JVC Gumy wireless speaker is launching on October 3 for $19.99:

What's interesting about the portable JVC Gumy (SPSG1BTB) apart from the low price, is the fact that this small Bluetooth speaker features surround sound stereo.

So many of the small Bluetooth speakers on the market only feature a mono speaker, but here we actually get full stereo from 5 Watt speakers.

JVC Gumy Portable Wireless Speaker With Stereo Surround Sound (SPSG1BTB)

Which means that as a small wireless speaker it really does what it should do – to enhance sound in a meaningful way.

That said, it still has some of the latest advanced wireless speakers features too, such as a microphone for the ability to reject or answer calls from your smartphone with it, or use it with Apple Siri.

Additional specs and standards for JVC's newest portable speaker includes Bluetooth 5.3, a 15 hour battery life, TWS true stereo sound, an IPX4 rugged and water resistance rating, and a USB-C port for charging or optional wired audio connectivity.

It has clearly visible volume buttons on the top, together with a on/off button and pause/play.

As a small portable speaker that doesn't take up much space or add much weight, this could become one of the most interesting tablet accessories of the year.

Small Bluetooth Speaker With Stereo For Tablets And Smartphones

– Tom Bowen