Skia Tablet Introduced – Medical Tablet PC Using AR Modelling For Live View Of Tumors In Surgery

Another great example of the why tablet computers can beneficial to humanity was demonstrated this week when the South Korean company Skia introduced the Skia tablet for use in surgery and 3D representation of medical issues.

By starting with the 3D camera on the back of tablet, the Skia tablet will scan a person or the are affected in 3D, and then add additional internal images from CT or MRI scans (through PACS), which together forms a live AR 3D model for a surgeon or anyone else who needs to see the location of a tumor lesion in the tissue.

And this will include a 3D image of the size and shape of lesion as well.

Skia Tablet - CT MRI 3D Scan Live AR Model
Skia Tablet

A great benefit is that the digital surgery guide that is the Skia tablet will make that 3D representation live for a surgeon, so that surgeons won't have to rely purely on individual images or their own memory or mental image of the size, shape, and location of the lesion. The tablet will do that, or help them recall it.

So as long as the MRI and CT scans have captured the tumor fully, it could help make surgery even more precise and minimize the area that will be operated on. A secondary benefit is that it may also remove the need for markers in surgery.

– Jim Miller