Samsung SM-T825 Tablet Spotted Again In Files After 22 Month Absence

The Samsung SM-T825 tablet have been spotted again for the first time after a 22 month absence.

And once again is has appeared at the Indian trade registrar Zauba, where this tablet is registered as exported from South Korea into India for research and development or testing, and as being a Samsung SM-T825 tablet with a value of 34,138 Indian Rupee. This is 20% higher than the value it had the last time we spotted it back in January 2015.

Carrying the SM-T825 model number, it is obviously believed to be the next Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7, since the first generation of the Super AMOLED tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S where SM-T700-709 for the 8.4-inch models and SM-T800-809 for the 10.5-inch models, followed by SM-T710-719 for the 8-inch models and SM-T810-819 for the 9.7-inch models.

Samsung SM-T825 Galaxy Tab S3

Nothing in the way of specs have leaked though, only the existence of the prototypes itself. Previously, the Tab S Android tablets have also been released during the summer, so it may take until the summer 2017 before we actually see any new Tab S3 tablets launched onto the market.

And when they do arrive, they really ought to be called Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 instead, since Samsung did a hardware upgrade this year with the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T713 & SM-T813), that was sufficient enough to distinguish them from their predecessors. And they are already the thinnest and lightest Android tablets in the world, as well as powerful Android tablets too with their octa-core processors, 3GB of RAM, and good power management. So they are not in any actual need of an upgrade.

– Tom Bowen