Samsung S Pen With Optical Zoom Camera Granted Patents

The Samsung S Pen is a series of digitizers from Samsung that are integrated with can be used with some of Samsung's tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Up until now, the innovations with the S Pen have been pretty good, with features like Air Command, the ability to write on a screen that's off, and sensitivity support up to 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity with tilt support.

But we know that digitizers are at the brink of next level breakthrough from a few computer brands in the years ahead, and one of them happens to be Samsung who have just been granted patents for not just a digitizer pen with a camera, but a zoom camera even.

And in the hypothetical future, it would be one of Samsung's next generation S Pens that would then feature such a digitizer camera with optical zoom. The revelations of these patents comes via Patently Mobile.

If this next level Samsung digitizer camera pen comes to fruition, it will be interesting to see if it will be fully manual to save weight, or if Samsung will implement some of its micro engines to control the zoom or at least the focus of the camera inside the pen.

Samsung S Pen

– Tom Bowen