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Samsung Chosen As OLED Panel Supplier For iPads, MacBooks, And Apple Monitors From 2026 – Report

Quite a few reports have come out over the last two years about Apple's suppliers of OLED panels.

And the newest one today says that Samsung has been chosen as supplier of OLED panels for iPads and Apple's new laptops by 2026.

So this report in Korea JoongAng Daily which is even based upon confirmations from Samsung, is a little different than the one from earlier this week which claimed that Apple is still in negotiations with potential suppliers of OLED panels for iPad mini and iPad Air.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
The life like AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

UBI Research however is quoted in saying that Samsung Display will supply Apple with a variety of OLED panels for both iPads, MacBooks, and monitors.

If this report is correct, then it's a pretty solid testament to Samsung's OLED capabilities, considering that there are other available players in the OLED field.

But given the $3 billion investment Samsung has allocated to expanding its OLED production line this year, the size of necessary investments also shows us that Samsung may be the only company large enough and financially stable enough to commit to an investment of this magnitude.

Samsung launched new OLED panels for tablets in 2023, which has so far only been put into the breathtaking Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets.

– Tom Bowen