Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Dimensions Are Out

The dimensions for the upcoming tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 appears to have leaked after a French collaboration between website Pigtou and serial leaker OnLeaks.

OnLeaks seem to have obtained another CAD file for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, a file that can be used for third party tablet accessory manufacturers ahead of unveiling of tablets, so that they know the dimensions and locations of cameras, speakers, plugs and ports of tablet, if they want to manufacture a tablet cover for instance.

And the 11-inch Tab S7 is described as 6.3mm thick, 253,7mm long, and 165.3mm wide.

Based on the CAD files, the duo have also made what they call “renders” of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 seen in the video below, but keep in mind that these are illustrations made by them, and that these are not official press renders.

For instance, the flash on the back is only guesstimated from the CAD files. That LED flash may turn out to be something else on the actual tablet.

Neither do we know what the color options will be for for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablets yet.

– Tom Bowen