Samsung Ativ Tab 3 – Worlds Thinnest Windows 8 Tablet

In addition to the mega-resolution Ativ Q that Samsung unveiled today, they also showed us for the first time the new Windows 8 tablet Samsung Ativ Tab 3.

The Ativ Tab’s are very similar to the Galaxy Tab line, with the major difference being that the 3 Galaxy Tab tablets are running Android, whereas the Ativ Tab 3, 5, and 7, are Windows 8 tablets.

[UPDATE: This tablet is now available for pre-order.]

Samsung is bragging that the Ativ Tab 3 is the thinnest Windows 8 tablet in the world today, with a thickness of 8.2 mm.
The screen is a typical 10.1-inch with a 1366×768 display resolution. It’s not too heavy at 550 grams.

The power comes in form of an Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB storage. Very average for a Windows 8 tablet in other words.
Which should have brought the price down. But with the Ativ Tab 3 being a Samsung tablet, expect a premium price all the same. Release date for Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is set to September 16 in the US. The US price is $699 in pre-order, or £499 in the UK.

The Ativ Tab 3 also have the S-Pen stylus, as more and more Samsung tablets and phones tend to have.

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 with S-Pen stylus

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 with S-Pen stylus

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 - Windows 8 tablet

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 – Windows 8 tablet

– Jim Miller

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