Rugged Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 In OtterBox Defender Series Release In December

A rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 case in the OtterBox Defender series is about to be released now in December, with an interesting design twist:

This rugged case is interesting because it offers three things. First it provides the drop, crash, and scratch protection you want in a rugged case with a combination of silicone and plastic covers on the back, around the front and bezels, and then a protective screen layer on the front.

And then this new OtterBox Defender also offers as tablet stand in landscape mode with low and high tilt, and even a stand in portrait mode too.

The third thing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 OtterBox Defender case offers apart from dust and sand covers for the ports too, is a better way to grip the tablet, whether you want to grab it from a tablet or hold it with one hand. Having an angular inside edge around the bezels on the cover means you can hold it in place with your thumb, which is good news for the S6, since it has pretty thin bezels for a tablet.

The access to the magnetically attached pen has not been covered or protected, simply because the new Samsung S Pen needs it to be charged wirelessly that way.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

– Jim Miller

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