60% Sized Roccat Magma Mini Keyboard Launch February 9

Roccat, one of the world's largest computer gaming peripherals brands is launching a new smaller keyboard next month called Roccat Magma Mini, and it has and interesting set of features:

Roccat Magma Mini may just look like another gaming keyboard, but the combined features together with a price of $50 makes it interesting.

For starters, as the Mini name indicates, the keyboard has a 60% form factor compared to a typical traditional keyboard. But it still has membrane keys with midway actuation with anti-ghosting for up to 20 keys simultaneously.

Roccat Magma Mini

And despite being a smaller keyboard, it has a different Easy-Shift key, that provides quick access to a second function layer.

With 5 different RGB zones, these keys (among others) can be split into different colored sections too, as you expected from a RGB keyboard.

It has a certain level of spill resistance too like its larger sibling the Roccat Magma keyboard, only the spill resistance level here is IP33.

– Jim Miller