reMarkable Introduces A Keyboard For Their Digital Paper Tablet

reMarkable, the popular digital paper tablet company announced the introduction of the first keyboard for the reMarkable today.

And by the looks of it, their first keyboard seems like more than just an afterhought. They seem to have paid attention to detail with this keyboard and made it fit as a slim and portable, yet very productive keyboard for the users.

Called the Type Folio, this reMarkable keyboard has two angles, one upright laptop angle, and another laid back angle, better suited for writing and sketching.

The keys are full size and has the popular 1.3mm key travel, so typing should feel immediately familiar. And since this keyboard doesn't really need a trackpad, it's lighter than many tablet keyboards, at 453 grams.

When closed, it doubles as a protective folio cover.

Type Folio also has an attachment for the Marker pen too, and even when you write with the keyboard, the tablet will still let you add freehand notes and sketches side by side on the digital paper tablet.

The launch price is $199, with color option matching the reMarkable 2, in either Ink Black or Sepia Brown.

– Tom Bowen