RCA Tablets Blows Up – The Joy Of Generic Budget Tablets

We normally don't cover tablets that hardly get proper names or labels, generally because they are not worth the attention, but also because tablets from more reputable brands are so cheap by now, that there's no reason to buy a dubious tablet from a brand you've never heard of before from your local 24/7 megastore.

But when these tablets starts to blow up, well they deserve the attention for once, even if it is for the wrong reason.

A lot of people have come forward with stories of how their RCA tablets bought from Walmart have suddenly blown off the case of the tablet, leaving them exposed to leaky lithium batteries that after they have blown up resemble the look of inflated airbags.

The two RCA tablets with the model name RCT6378W2 and RCT6077W2 in particular have been exposed as particularly dangerous, but the problem have affected other RCA tablets as well. What seems to happen before the battery explodes is a sudden discharge of the battery, and when users then attempts to charge it afterwards, the batteries eventually blow up instead of recharging.

So if you own a RCA tablet, check the model number immediately and search the Internet for problems related to your particular model. The only things that should blow up like that are bags of microwave popcorn that are ready for consumption.

This is not meant to put you off budget tablets though. But buy from reputable brands instead, they have plenty of tablets under $100 these days and some of them are good even. See the Tablet Comparison guide, or the Black Friday Tablet Deals to find them all.

 One of the RCA tablets in question
One of the RCA tablets in question

– Tom Bowen