Preview Of Remix OS 2.0

With Jide working on the launch of the Remix Mini PC for October sometime, they are now giving us a preview of what the new Remix OS 2.0 will look like as well.

The details are still a little scarce, but we get a glimpse of how the current Android based Remix OS 1.5 have taken more cues from Windows with the Remix OS 2.0.

When Remix OS was introduced it offered multitasking and multi-windows, something the majority of Android tablets were lacking, though Samsung have been a notable exception. The current Remix is still based on Android 5.0.2 though, which is one of the complaints against Jide, that they don’t update their OS fast enough.

The first Remix OS tablet was the Jide Remix Ultra tablet, a tablet founded through their Kickstarter campaign. It’s a pricey 11.6-inch tablet where you can otherwise get better hardware for their asking price of $399, but some Android fans that wanted a more productivity geared Android tablet bought it anyway, simply because of the OS. Then a much cheaper 11.6-inch Jide tablet came on the market recently, with the $185 Cube i7 Remix, effectively giving people two tablets for less than half the price of the Jide Remix Ultra tablet.

– Jim Miller

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