President’s Day Sales In Tablets And Computers

With the President’s Day long weekend happening, there are some tablet and computer sales people can benefit from. But since this is a national and not an international event, there are fewer sales coordinated this weekend than in ordinary sales campaigns.

Since Samsung has just lunched their new Galaxy Book3 Pro and the S23 smartphone series, they are not focused on sales right now.

But Lenovo has sales across the board. Their best tablet deal are on the Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 and the Tab M10 Plus (Gen 3), but Lenovo also has very large discounts on select powerful laptops and desktops.

The same can be said about HP’s President’s Day Sale, though they didn’t place any of their tablets on sale this time.

Microsoft has deals on tablets though, at least on their Surface range. Most of the deals are small, but at least the choice of models on sale has widened.

Acer has placed even a few of their newer computers on sale, but none of their tablets.

Presidents Day Sale

Things are a little different on Amazon though, where some interesting tablet offers includes Asus ROG Flow Z13 from $1099, the 4-speaker Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for just $139, and the smaller 8.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for $119.

I also noticed that Amazon still has a few leftover Fire HD 8 of the previous generation. So they have put them on sale with a 50% discount, bringing the price down to $59.

The computer category that has the widest number of computers on offer from Amazon for President’s Day though are the mini PC’s. The cheap tiny computers with Windows or Chrome where you connect your own screen, keyboard, and computer peripherals.

– Jim Miller

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