Pocket Racing 2.0 Kickstarter – Real Toy Cars Jumping On Your Tablet

A Pocket Racing 2.0 kickstarter.com funding round started today for the newest version of toy cars that you can put on the screen of you Apple iPad or Android tablet, and the toy cars will react with some feedback once the racing games is on.

There are 7 different levels of funding to get in with, starting at $29, going all the way up to $127 for three cars with 9 shells, with delivery expected to start in August 2016. The goal is to raise $50,000 CAD.

The cars themselves won't actually move back and forth, or from side to side, but they will vibrate, blow the entire shell off, and the car lights will light up.

The toy cars attach to the tablet screen with micro-suction and anti-slip materials, so the tablets can be held in hand too, and doesn't have to be flat on out the table to play.

See the project on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/560773543/

iPad Toy Car Racing

– Tom Bowen