Android 13 Based ColorOS 13 Rolling Out To Oppo Pad Air

Oppo launched the Oppo Pad Air in May last year, and when it was released it shipped with the Android 12 based ColorsOS 12.1.

But a while after the launch, Oppo put the Oppo Pad Air on its public list of devices eligible for an OS update, with an ETA of early 2023.

So sure enough, the new Android 13 based ColorOS 13 has just started rolling out, starting in China on Monday.

While the experience of any UI is subjective, in my opinion the ColorOS 13 is a smooth UI which only adds features and makes Android 13 even more useful. But it depends on what kind of life you are living.

New automatic settings for messages to others if you are in a meeting, and typical adaptive features that attempts to mimic and assume your daily needs the best are among the new features of ColorOS 13, with the possibility of an improved performance over regular Android with some uses.

– Tom Bowen