Oppo And Xiaomi Both Developing Foldable Tablets Due In 2019

We have known for over 2 years that Oppo have been working on developing a foldable tablet after we saw their first prototype back then, and it's been rumored for a while that Xiaomi too has felt the need to get into that game as well. But now a new report from Korean ET News says that both companies are actually in the process of sourcing components for these foldable tablets before entering production.

Xiaomi is expected to target its main market in China, while Oppo may go international too. Both Xiaomi and Oppo are expected to source the flexible panels from BOE, LG, or Visionox.

Surprisingly though, the expected launch price may still be as high as starting at $900 for foldable tablet phones from Xiaomi and Oppo. This is still half of the expected launch price of Samsung's foldable tablet phone, currently known as Samsung Galaxy F, after it seems that Samsung Galaxy X is not Samsung's foldable tablet product line after all according to sources familiar with the matter. But we'll learn more about that in the coming months.

ETNews believes Xiaomi's foldable will fold the opposite way of the way Samsung and Huawei's foldables will fold. Actually, Huawei is already believed to source their flexible panels from BOE.

So foldable tablet phones are coming. Samsung even reported earlier today in their quarterly earnings call that they believe they will benefit in the second half of 2018 from the production of flexible panels for to-be-launched devices with foldable panels.

Samsung Q2 Earnings Reports Pick Up Of Foldable Panels For Second Half Of 2018

– Tom Bowen