Onkyo Granbeat Hi-Res Tablet – A UHD 4K Tablet With DTS:X Audio

So it’s not secret that mobile devices haven’t had the world’s largest speakers, even though Lenovo have some tablets with 3 watt speakers at least. But now Onkyo have teased a video and music tablet called Onkyo Granbeat Hi-Res Tablet that will should the best in class tablet audio.

The important detailed specs for audiophiles haven’t been revealed yet as we are dealing with a tease at this point, but at least Onkyo have announced the main features of this audio tablet.

These includes a Ultra HD 4K screen at 12.5 inches, with 4 Onkyo Dual Module Diaphragm speakers and two gold plated 3.5mm audio jacks, DTS:X Premium 1.0 audio, DTS Play-Fi support, and Dedicated DAC and amp circuitry for Hi-Res audio.

The Onkyo Granbeat Hi-Res Tablet comes as an addition to the audiophile Onkyo Granbeat smartphone that was launched in 2017.

– Jim Miller