Onkyo Granbeat Audio Tablet Bluetooth Certified

What should be the best audio tablet by far have just been Bluetooth certified, bringing it closer to launch. The tablet is the Onkyo Granbeat tablet, a follow-up to the Onkyo Granbeat smartphone launched last year.

You’ve got to love the design description that Onkyo provides for this tablet, calling it a “Personal Theater Tablet,” so it better not disappoint audiophiles either then.

Onkyo Granbeat (DP-CTX1) was certified with Bluetooth 4.2, and Onkyo is in the process of Bluetooth certifying other high quality audio technologies for tablets these days too. But this their only audio tablet.

And with the Bluetooth certification in place we can finally start to count down the weeks to launch, which is probably late in autumn sometime.

But more important than the Bluetooth version is that fact that the Onkyo Granbeat tablet will feature a Ultra HD 4K screen at 12.5 inches, with 4 Onkyo Dual Module Diaphragm speakers and two gold plated 3.5mm audio jacks, DTS:X Premium 1.0 audio, DTS Play-Fi support, and Dedicated DAC and amp circuitry for Hi-Res audio.

– Jim Miller

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