OnePlus Pad Go Teased – And Parent Company Oppo Has More Tablets Coming Too

OnePlus started teasing their second tablet for the first time today, though without revealing anything other than teasing an illustration of the tablet and saying it will come soon.

Earlier this month we learned that the company had registered a tablet by the name OnePlus Pad Go, which is an 11.3-inch tablet with 2.4K resolution.

That’s all we know so far, other than what we can glean from the illustration provided by OnePlus.

OnePlus Pad Go tablet

(UPDATED: Two days later, OnePlus released their second teaser, seen below, which confirms the name of the tablet too)

But as we mentioned the last time we wrote about the OnePlus Pad Go, we know that the parent company Oppo has at least one new tablet coming too, which is an 11.5-inch Android 13 tablet with options of 6GB/8GB RAM, and 128GB storage. So let’s see if OnePlus will launch their own version of this tablet, which we can call Oppo Pad 4 for now.

Though our leaks doesn’t stop there, since Oppo has had another tablet in the works for a long time too.

This tablet has so far only been spotted by its model number Oppo OPD2301, and was purportedly benchmarked several months ago with a Geekbench 6.0 score of 1375 in single-core, and 3943 in multi-core while running Android 13.

But best of all, it was tested with 16GB of RAM and some form of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor. Let’s call this tablet the Oppo Pad 5 until further, although others speculate that a tablet with this model number could be called the Oppo Pad Air 2.

Oppo has not teased any of their next tablets though, so I’ll have to wait for more leaks before I can say anything more on these two Oppo tablets, as well as the OnePlus Pad Go.

– Tom Bowen