One By Wacom Compatible With Chromebook And Chrome OS Tablets

Wacom have announced that the One by Wacom is now fully compatible with Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets, which is guaranteed by the ‘Works With Chromebook’ certification.

Wacom says it’s aiming at the education market with this effort, hence they’re also building a library of content under ‘Wacom for Education’ as well as having launched a Teachers for Teachers support network.

One by Wacom can be used for instance in remote learning, where someone can handwrite, draw diagrams, or otherwise engage as if it was on a blackboard in school. Of course, it works with typical painting apps too, and even supports the new Clip Studio Paint for Chrome OS.

The software and hardware requirements are just USB (A) port access, and the latest Chrome OS installed.

From before, the $59 One By Wacom was already compatible with Windows and Mac, so this announcement was for the new Chromebook compatibility, as well as for highlighting the Wacom’s assistance and support programs for teachers and the education sector.

– Tom Bowen

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