Prototype Of 8.3-Inch Nokia Lumia 2020 Tablet Tested By WindowsCentral

The original Nokia of Finland only released one Windows tablet, which was the 10.1-inch Nokia Lumia 2520 in 2013, which was a good tablet at the time but that failed in the market because it ran Windows RT.

It was known that Nokia had a smaller Windows tablet in the works right after, but that tablet was never launched or even unveiled. Now WindowsCentral have got hold of one of these tabets, the 8.3-inch Nokia Lumia 2020, and even put a prototype of it through the hoops for a review.

This tablet would have failed somewhat too, because the Lumia 2020 also ran Windows RT. But it seems like a good Surface Mini alternative for the time, as it was powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and had cellular connectivity. This was a Nokia tablet after all.

And the bright 8.3-inch screen had a Full HD resolution display giving it a 16:9 screen ratio, with 64GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

Apart from the front facing stereo speakers it also had a 1MP front camera, but a record high 19MP rear PureView camera on the back of the tablet. The camera was even centered in the middle of the tablet.

– Jim Miller