Nintendo Switch Pro To Go Into Production At The End Of Q1 – Launch During Summer 2020 Says Report

The predictions for a Nintendo Switch Pro are back after gaming industry's Serkan Toto who was 50% right on his predictions for future Nintendo Switch devices last year, now predicts the launch of a much more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro in 2020.

Asked to predict 2020 events in Games Industry, Toto predicted a “Nintendo Switch Pro” in the $399 price range, with 4K support, larger sized cartridges, higher specs, and that such a potential Switch Pro might launch after the summer holiday.

These are predictions in line with the rumors we have heard on this potential top-end Nintendo Switch for two years now. Toto also expects that Microsoft will enable the launch of more Xbox games on Switch.

Digitimes then confirmed these predictions earlier today when they wrote that supply chain insiders have identified the production of a new Nintendo Switch for launch in the middle of 2020, with volume production starting at the end of Q1 2020.

What size we can expect and what chipset will be in Nintendo's new gaming tablet will be the big question now, after the previous launches of the 6.2-inch Nintendo Switch in 2017, and the 5.5-inch Nintendo Switch Lite in 2019.

– Tom Bowen