NFC Keyboard Covers Starts With Samsung Android Phones

One2Touch announced the NFC keyboard cover for Samsung phones last week, and now it will soon be launched too, with a limited supply to begin with. The keyboard is unique though, and might be developed to fit other phones as well as tablets in the future.

Called the SlimType Smart Cover, this keyboard looks identical to the Microsoft Touch Cover that was developed for Surface tablets. And just like the Touch Cover, SlimType too is very thin and covered in felt and microfiber, making it ideal for the inside of a cover that protects the screen of a phone when the cover is closed. And the thickness is just 2.5 mm, which is phenomenal.

And unlike all the other keyboards that connects either via Bluetooth, or the occasional USB plug or specific connector, the SlimType keyboard cover connects via NFC. The response time is 18ms. And since it's a NFC keyboard, it doesn't even have batteries.


The first SlimType model is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and will cost $39. Color options are cherry red, black sapphire, and white pearl.

The price of this keyboard is great. So does this keyboard indicate what's to come in tablet keyboards in 2016 too?

NFC keyboard

NFC keyboards

– Jim Miller