New Microsoft Accessories Also Unveiled This Week

As we mentioned in the Microsoft leaks ahead of this week's huge Surface event, Microsoft was also going to launch new tablet and computer accessories. But as the Surface tablets and laptops naturally were what took center stage at the event, the new accessories were not mentioned during the show, but they too are launching soon in October and November.

And here they are.

Surface Arc Mouse
Yup, Microsoft is launching its own dedicated Surface Arc Mouse for $79 on October 22. It folds just the way the wireless Microsoft Arc Mouse does too, but the unique color options are Poppy Red and Ice Blue.

Microsoft Arc Mouse
A new version of the Arc mouse in four new colors is also launching, but a little earlier on October 15, still for $79. Color options are Lilac, Sage, Soft Pink, and Black.

New Surface Pen
The new Surface Pen which now features a hexagon pencil instead of the former round design. To launch in Ice Blue and Poppy Red on October 22 for $99.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse
On October 15, Microsoft will also launch the cheap new Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse for $19, in the colors Peach, Mint, Matte Black, and Pastel Blue.

Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
A new ergonomic mouse in just black and silver is also launching on October 15 for $39.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Also launching on October 15 is Microsoft's new Ergonomic Keyboard with custom keys, hot keys, and a truly ergonomic layout and shape. Surprisingly it only costs $59.

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard
A new version of the square and wide Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is also launching for $49 on October 15 for those who want a wireless keyboard on their desk.

These are all the new Microsoft computer and tablet accessories that are launching in October.

But there are also other new options that ties in with the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X to be aware of.
These includes Ice Blue, Poppy Red, and Platinum color options for the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover.

As well as options of Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle for $269, or the Microsoft Surface Slim Pen and Surface Pro X Keyboard separately. These Surface Pro X accessories will all launch on the same date as the Surface Pro X, which is November 5.

– Tom Bowen