New Lenovo Tablet Or Phablet Pictured In FCC Approval

Now that the FCC is online again amidst the US government shutdown, a new unannounced Lenovo tablet or phablet shows up as being certified by the FCC this week.

It could be something akin to a new Lenovo Phab series, but we’ll need more info first. At least the model name and number so far is Lenovo Tablet PB-6505.

And as we can see by the image of it, it appears to be larger than a straight 6-inch phablet. An it is officially registered as a tablet too.

Very little of its specs are made available at this point, but it does at least have dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, a 5180 mAh battery, Dolby audio, a fingerprint reader, and rear camera with LED flash.

By the sound of it, it will be available in the US in the near future, as a statement from Lenovo to FCC says that this tablet has “LTE band 40, but that it will be disabled by software and are not available in the US market.”

Lenovo Tablet PB-6505
Lenovo Tablet PB-6505

– Tom Bowen