New 7-Inch Windows 10 Devices Now Includes Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor

7-inch Windows 10 devices are becoming increasingly more popular, as evident by the new releases in this computer category this year. And now something very fresh is coming to the market as yet more 7-inch Windows laptops/convertibles are coming to the market, even one with a Intel Core M3-8100Y processor.

That 7-inch convertible is the new One Netbook One Mix 2S Yoga, which is powered by the Intel Core m3-8100Y processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. The screen is a 1920 x 1200 resolution touchscreen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitive pen support. The form factor of the One Mix 2S Yoga makes the screen revolve 360 degrees, so it can appear like a 7-inch tablet too, or a convertible in tent mode.

It also has a fingerprint reader and a mouse on the keyboard too. The price is $719 without the pen.

This device is the second generation of the One Mix even though the first generation of this 7-inch Windows tablet was launched in May this year, so it's not old. But the first gen. model was slower, so they decided to give a lot more power. But this isn't the only new second gen. One Mix.

One Netbook One Mix 2 Yoga is the name of the sibling of the One Mix 2S Yoga. These two are nearly identical in specs apart from running a Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor instead. So because it's an older processor, it's also cheaper, at $629. But it's still very powerful for being a 7-inch tablet.

One Netbook had to step up the CPU power, both because customers wanted a lot more power, and also because their main rival GPD also has a 7-inch touchscreen laptop on the market, with the GPD Pocket 2, which is powered by an Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor too, though it only has 128GB of storage.

With these two new One Netbook Yoga's hitting the market in the coming days, perhaps other brands will catch up and try to invent something of their own too over the next year, though there have been no leaks so far.

– Tom Bowen