New 2016 Nokia Tablet Leaked In Video?

Judging by a promotional Nokia video published on January 19, it may be that Nokia is giving us hints that a new Nokia tablet for 2016 is in the works, unless we are merely reading too much into it.

This is the first time that there's been any leaks or rumors about a new 2016 Nokia tablet.

If Nokia does launch a new tablet this year, it will be their third tablet after the Nokia Lumia 2520 that had good specs but ran the unloved Windows RT, and the Nokia N1, a much more popular Android tablet that was never launched globally, only in select markets in Asia.

2016 Nokia tablet

The tablet we briefly catch a glimpse of in the video appears to be in the 10-inch to 12-inch size form factor, and also looks very thin. But that's not to say that the tablet in the video is a finished production model either. But it could be that Nokia is teasing us with a new tablet.

If that's what's going on, then the new Nokia tablet still seems quite a long time away from launch, since there have been absolutely no leaks or rumors concerning such a tablet before Nokia's own promotional video this month.

– Tom Bowen