New 180 Degree U-Shape USB C Cable Hides Cable On The Back Of Tablets And Smartphones

A new USB cable from Rock Space has come up with a clever solution to the placement of the cable once it's plugged into the port of a tablet or smartphone, by replacing the regular straight USB C plug with a 180 degree U-bent USB C plug that then hides the cable along the back of the tablet or smartphone.

Available in both the US and internationally:

It's not that it's a problem the way ordinary USB plugs stand straight out. A lot of the time that is the best solution if the tablet is resting on a table or desk.

But on some occasions, depending on where the USB port is placed and if you charge the tablet via cable while you are using it, having a protruding cable plug sticking out makes you wonder if not things could have been done differently. And that's where this U-shaped USB C cable comes in handy, since the plug will protrude less, and you are given a new option on where to place the cable.

It even comes with a cable strap that can be used to balance the cable from the center point on the back of the tablet or smartphone, to keep it tidy and keep the cable firmly in place.

USB C Cable For Tablet Smartphone
USB C Cable For Tablets
180 Degree Bent USB Cable (USB Type-C)
– Tom Bowen