Most Unique Wireless Chargers In 2022

Wirelessly charging tablets is still a rarity, which a lot of people find strange considering how normal this feature is on smartphones by now.

Amazon's Fire tablets in the Plus range is the exception so far, and these can be combined with normal looking wirelessly charging stands.

But things are a little more interesting for wirelessly charging phones, where people now how more options than just a wirelessly charging pad or other boring flat surfaces.

Wireless Chargers 2022
The most unique wireless chargers of 2022

Fan memorabilia company Numskull is now in the process of releasing some strange but very iconic wireless chargers for smartphones, that are throwbacks to classic movies like Back To The Future, Jaws, Ghostbusters, and even Sonic The Hedgehog.

The chances of the phones falling over should you bump into these chargers are there, but there is a small friction area at the bottom of the charger to keep the phones in place.

Smartphones supported includes all Qi supported smartphones according to Numskull.

– Tom Bowen