Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Intel Core i5 Model To Be Offered With 16GB

Microsoft announced today that starting later in March in USA and Canada, they will start to offer the same maximum 16GB RAM on the Intel Core i5 model of Surface Pro 6 as they offer on the Intel Core i7 model.

The company says that the offer is introduced after customers had told Microsoft that they needed this option too. The 16GB RAM introduction will extend to the Intel Core i5 model with 256GB of storage for both the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2.

The only caveat so far is that Microsoft will only offer the i5/16GB tablet and laptop to those who can buy them through the “Surface For Business” division. So it looks like it will be a waiting game to see if Microsoft will release this option for the consumer market too. Though if enough people message them on Twitter or Facebook, then maybe they will at some point.

– Jim Miller