Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Due In Q1 2017 With 4K Display Believes Media

Digitimes quoted the Chinese-language media Economic Daily News today, who have reported that a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 looks due for launch in Q1 2017.

This is the first probable news leak on a Microsoft Surface Pro 5. And in addition to giving the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 a possible launch time frame, the same media also reported the first two specification detail,s which are belived to be the introducton of a 4K Ultra HD display as well as a magnetic charging Surface Pen or some new type of stylus digitizer pen.

They also believe the Surface Pro 5 manufacturerer to be Pegatron.

The Surface Pro 5 leak looks legit, and it fits with the Surface Book 2 leak too, from early autumn, when it was believed that a new Surface Book 2 would launch in April 2017, based on Microsoft needing some time to break in the new 7th generation Intel Core “Kaby Lake” processors properly first.

I would expect both the new Surface Book 5 and the new Surace Book 2 to be unveiled at the same time, so we may not be more than 1 to 3 months away from either an unveiling or launch of both of these Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet flagships.

The Q1 timing also coincides with the current Surface Book sale and Surface Pro 4 sale, where Microsoft Store have just recently cut the price of the Surface Pro 4 to a record low $699.

Microsoft Surface Pro

– Tom Bowen