Microsoft Surface Pro 4 NFL Team Type Cover Sale For $99 Before Super Bowl

Just six days ahead of Super Bowl on Sunday, Febuary 5th, Microsoft is having a minor sale on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 NFL Type Covers which can be bought to support anyone of the 32 teams.

The price is $99 today on January 30, both in Microsoft Store and on Amazon.

Microsoft Surface Pro NFL Team Type Covers fits both the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, since both of these Windows 10 tablets share the same outer dimensions across, even though the display grew a tiny bit on the Surface Pro 4 by narrowing the bezels around the display on the tablet.

The Surface Pro FL covers have the same functionality as the regular keyboard Type Covers, with a low weight of 310 grams, built-in accelerometer, magnetic auto-wake and auto-sleep, touchpad and a right click button, media controls for audio and video, buttons for screen brightness, F1-F12 buttons, and shortcut buttons.

2017 Super Bowl NFL Microsoft Surface Tablets Keyboard Covers
– Jim Miller