Maotoam 13-in-1 Hub With Laptop Stand And Smaller 8-In-1 iPad Stand Started Crowdfunding

A new and possibly very useful computer accessory called Maotoam started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this week, with hopes of launching the product in June already.

Maotoam is a laptop stand and tablet stand in three different versions. There are two laptop stands or laptop raisers that have 13 or 10 ports and slots called Z Hub Pro and Z Hub Basic respectively, and there’s a smaller iPad stand with 8 ports and slots.

The largest Maotoam Z Hub Pro is on offer for around $100 to the first backers. This 13-in-1 hub comes with a adjustable laptop stand or laptop raiser, and 12 ports, which includes 100W power delivery, support for 3 external monitors in extend or mirror mode, as well as Thunderbolt 3 and 4.

Lenovo is one of the few computer brands that also makes their own hubs, and their latest one which is just a USB mini dock, costs $159 with a lot less features.

So if Maotoam can actually deliver their hub with the functions they have described for just above $100, they will have done a good job.

– Tom Bowen

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