Updated LiquidText Live App Now Offers Real Time Synch Between iPads, Macs, Windows Tablets And PCs

The multiple award winning app LiquidText has been upgraded for 2021 as the company launched LiquidText Live today, which opens it up to a couple of more possibilities.

LiquidText Live now offers real time interoperability between devices like tablets and desktop or laptop computers, which will make it easier to sort out notes and annotation made in a hurry, and place them in an organized order with a larger monitor.

What's more though is that LiquidText Live now provides real time synchronization of projects and collaborations that will synch notes, mind maps, documents, research projects and so on, between all devices running it, and then continuously save it to the cloud as well.

So far the new LiquidText Live service will work between iPads, Macs, Windows tablets, and other Windows computers.

– Tom Bowen