Lenovo Yoga Paper – Lenovo’s Coming 10.3-Inch Digital Paper Tablet

Lenovo has revealed a little of the specs for their forthcoming digital paper tablet Lenovo Yoga Paper.

The Yoga Paper is a 10.3-inch tablet featuring greyscale natural light with typical color temperature adaptation to ambient light.

It features a Yoga stylus pen with low latency, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, magnetic attachment, and what's meant to be a paper feel.

Lenovo Yoga Paper tablet
Lenovo Yoga Paper tablet

It's thin, like most of the digital paper tablets, with a thickness of just 5.5mm, with larger bezels on one side, so it can be held more comfortably with one hand. And with screen rotation, it can be used in either hand.

Lenovo Yoga Paper features a USB C port, a 10 week standby time, and cross OS synchronization features, which could be interesting.

What I don't know yet though, is whether or not this tablet will launch exclusively in China or if it'll launch globally too.

The current market leader at the moment is the reMarkable, which is also a 10.3-inch digital paper tablet.

But with Amazon entering the digital paper segment with their 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe on November 30th, both companies will have their work cut out to keep up with Amazon.

Yoga Paper
Lenovo Yoga Paper

– Jim Miller