Lenovo USB Hub Release June 13

A pretty good looking Lenovo USB hub carved out of a block of metal is released on June 13, offering a solution to tablet owners who needs more ports on their tablet:

It has 6 ports and slots all in all. It connects to tablets, smartphones, and computers through the hub attached USB C cable. The USB hub then offers:
– 3 full-size USB 3.0 ports.
– 1 full-size 4K HDMI port.
– 1 SD card slot.
– 1 TF card slot (microSD card slot).

So that makes hooking up additional external monitors, TV, keyboards, mouse, speakers, hard drives and USB sticks, or other tablet accessories a breeze.

My favorite USB hub for tablets is one that I can clip onto the tablet itself so it sort of becomes a part of the tablet itself, but so far I've only come across these in Japan.

Lenovo USB Hub

Surface owners have had a few custom fitted hub alternatives to chose from, but other than that tablet users have the option of pure USB-to-USB hubs that are cable-less and slot right into the USB port on the side, but these hubs tend to require a full-size USB port to slot into on the tablet, so that limits the number of tablets that these tablet hubs fit into.

– Jim Miller