Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024 Leaked Images With Detachable Android Tablet Display

Lenovo is reportedly planning to launch a new ThinkBook Plus in 2024 with an unusual design – the display detaches to become a standalone Android tablet.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024

Leaked photos show the ThinkBook Plus 2024 will have a tablet section that connects to a keyboard base, similar to a 2-in-1 laptop. But the key difference is the tablet will run Android instead of Windows.

This allows the tablet to function independently for entertainment and touch-optimized apps. When connected to the keyboard, it becomes a regular Windows laptop.

The idea is not entirely new. Back in 2014, Asus displayed a prototype 2-in-1 with a tablet that could dual boot Windows and Android. But it never made it to market.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024

Lenovo seems ready to revive this concept with the ThinkBook Plus 2024. The company has a history of experimenting with innovative designs in the ThinkBook lineup. Past models featured secondary E Ink displays and foldable screens.

The leaked photos reveal the detachable Android tablet has support for touch and pen input. Other hardware details are unknown, but will likely feature Intel's newest processors.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2024

Combining a Windows laptop base with a detachable Android tablet display caters to both productivity and entertainment needs. Users can access the extensive Android app ecosystem for gaming, streaming video, and more.

This provides a better tablet experience compared to Windows, which has limited touch-friendly apps. The laptop base still runs Windows for full PC functionality.

Lenovo will probably unveil the ThinkBook Plus 2024 at CES 2024 in January. The company regularly announces new laptops at the major tech trade show.

It remains to be seen if the unusual tablet-laptop design will appeal to consumers. But Lenovo is betting the flexibility of Windows and Android in one device could be the next big thing.

Original Source: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/673718283

– Tom Bowen