Lenovo Miix 3 Early Spotting

All the Lenovo Miix 2 tablets haven’t even been launched yet, but already we’re seeing leaked images of a purported new Lenovo Miix 3 tablet, in orange nonetheless.

Still awaiting launch, we find the Windows 8.1 tablets Miix 2 11 the Miix 2 10 FHD, while the Miix 2 8 was released in November.

But, that doesn’t stop us from spotting this tablet on a design site that briefly had it on there from March 2, but who later removed it from their website.

So that Lenovo possibly has a thin, new Windows 8 tablet with magnetic hinges in the works is pretty much all we can say.

Lenovo Miix 3

Lenovo Tablet Miix 3

– Tom Bowen

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