Lenovo Co-Developing ePaper 2.0 Colour Displays For Tablets

Clearink and Lenovo have jointly announced that Lenovo has now invested in the company Clearink Displays and joined its board of directors.

They state that the purpose is to develop the next generation ePaper 2.0 displays for tablets. This next generation ePaper 2.0 display is one that now shows both color and video.

eInk displays have traditionally been “black and white” or monochrome, and have been used in eReaders or the occasional mobile device, like the innovative Yotaphone smartphone series that has a second rear eInk display that shows alerts, but consumes next to no power from the display, since it mainly just use power every time something changes on the screen.

Lenovo ePaper 2.0 Tablets In Color

Lenovo however, says that the benefits of the ePaper 2.0 color displays are both reduced power use as well as increased visibility when the displays are subject to things like direct sunlight. Because just like eReaders that use eInk, these displays do not have the same glossy finish, as the display technologies are constructed and layered very differently than in LCD and LED displays.

We don't know yet what sort of tablets Lenovo will produce with this ePaper 2.0 display technology, but it can range from dedicated eReaders in color as one option, to tablets specifically designed for the outdoors, to tablets with an additional ePaper 2.0 display for low battery consumption, and who knows what else.

Lenovo is not afraid to experiment a little, so this could be interesting.

– Tom Bowen