Lenovo And Acer To Launch $169 Windows 10 Notebooks

Over the last year we have seen prices drop considerably on Windows tablets and other Windows computers. The good news is that the price pressure will continue into the last two quarters of 2015, though prices are starting to hit bottom.

Now Digitimes is reporting that Microsoft is partnering with Lenovo and Acer to launch $169 Windows 10 notebooks that will be released from mid-August and throughout the rest of the year. So, the release will start only two-three weeks after the Windows 10 launch on July 29.

Acer will release an 11.6-inch Windows 10 notebook for $169, and a 14-inch notebook for $199, while Lenovo will release a new 14-inch Windows 10 Yoga notebook for $249.

Lenovo Acer Windows 10

All three computers will be powered by Intel Broadwell processors. How much is offered in subsidies by Intel and Microsoft is unknown, but who cares as long as the prices continues to drop.

As an example of how cheap Windows computers have become, we have seen tablets like the popular Asus Transformer Book T100 drop from a launch price of $399 to just half of that, down to $199.

And we have seen 11.6-inch notebooks like Asus EeeBook X205TA launch for the same price, with prices being even lower for mini-desktop computers like the HP Stream Mini.

But as the Digitimes report demonstrates, from now on it will be very challenging to press prices even lower on Windows devices.

– Tom Bowen