Last Chance To Become A Tester Of 7-Inch Windows 10 Ultra Mobile PC One-Netbook A1

Pocket laptop manufacturer One-Netbook has launched a lot of different Windows 10 pocket laptops or ultra mobile PC's the last two years that have replaced 7-inch and 8-inch Windows tablets, and now they are focusing in on yet another one, simply referred to as the One-Netbook A1 for now.

The One-Netbook A1 will be built specifically for engineers carrying out mobile debugging and similar tasks, and for that purpose they are seeking testers and developers from within the field, here:

The current project design of the A1 is a little different from One-Netbook's other pocket laptops. The specs for the prototype is a 7-inch Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution display with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity support for the stylus pen, a 180 degree rotating screen, and particularities such as a VGA port and LAN jack.

Windows 10 Pocket Laptops

– Jim Miller