Labor Day Sales In Tablets, Computers, And Accessories

Tomorrow's Labor Day in the US is typically not a large sales day in the category of tablets and computers since it coincides with the launch season for most major tablet brands. Nevertheless, there are still a few sales in tablets, computers, and accessories that may be of interest to you, depending on what you want right now.

Lenovo has listed a lot of various computer items on sale for Labor Day already, where tablets such as the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and the Lenovo Tab M8 FHD are on sale, along with a 10% general discount on most Tab-series tablets, although Lenovo's sales focus is mainly on notebooks/laptops at this time of the year.

Microsoft Store has some smaller discounts on the Surface Go 2 and Surface Pro 7, with additional sales on laptops and some of their subscriptions.

Amazon is adding a lot of accessories to tablets and computers to their Labor Day sales campaign too, which is where most of the discounts seems to be targeted. Right now they have sales on digital magazines that tend to look good on tablets.

Best Buy has placed some select few bestsellers on sale, as well as some select popular laptops and computer peripherals.

Then two days after Labor Day, Banggood will be putting hundreds of popular electronics items, including tablets and 2-in-1's on sale for 9/9.

– Jim Miller