KeyMander 2 Mobile Mouse, Keyboard, Controller Adapter For iPad Unveiled

Iogear's Kaliber Gaming division has unveiled the KeyMander 2 Mobile keyboard/mouse adapter for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. It'll be launched in March for $89.

The KeyMander 2 Mobile enables the use of a mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller on an iPad, where the controls can be tuned to a users preferences. They even say that it will enable the use of keyboard and mouse on over 1000 Apple Arcade games that doesn't even have native support for these peripherals.

KeyMander 2 Mobile's app can be adjusted on the iPad or iPhone, and will be updated during its lifetime to support new features down the line. But so far, the first controllers the KeyMander 2 will be compatible with are the Xbox One or Playstation 4 dualshock controllers.

On a related note, the Kensington Studio Dock for iPad will be released on March 16th.

– Jim Miller