iPad Slow Battery Recharges? Why Is My iPad Charging Slowly?

iPad Slow Battery Recharges

We will explain all the reasons your iPad might be taking a long time to charge and how you can fix each issue. We'll also share some tips on how to speed up your iPad's charging time.

Have you ever plugged in your iPad, left it for a while, only to return and see it hasn't fully charged? You're not the only one. Every month, about 2,300 people around the world search online for “Why is my iPad charging so slow?”

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Why is my iPad charging slowly?

iPad Version

Another factor often missed is that charging time varies with the type of iPad you have. The powerful iPad Pro takes longer to charge compared to the regular iPad, and even longer than the iPad mini.

Curious why your iPad charges slowly? It could be due to the model.


Remember that the charging speed can vary between different iPad models.

So, what's the charging duration for each iPad model?

We've researched and here are the charging times (using regular chargers) for various iPad models:

iPad Model Charging Time (0-100%)
iPad 2 hours 50 minutes
iPad Mini 2 hours
iPad Pro  3 hours
iPad Air  2 hours 30 minutes

Unclean ports and old cables

Just like other gadgets, your iPad can collect dirt and dust. The charging port is small, so dirt easily gets stuck inside, slowing down charging.

Similarly, a damaged cable with exposed wires may not provide enough power for your iPad.


We suggest examining your charging port for any dirt or damage. If you find any, here are some ways to clean it:

Here are some ways to clean your charging port:

  • Use a toothpick to gently remove dirt or dust, but be careful not to damage the port.
  • Wipe the port with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and let it dry before charging.
  • Blow out dirt using compressed air.
  • If issues persist, consider visiting an Apple store or authorized service provider for further assistance.
  • Alternatively, use an old toothbrush to clean the port.

If your charging cable is worn out, you can replace it with an Apple-certified lightning or USB-C cable, depending on your iPad model.

Unreasonable Expectations

A common reason why your iPad charges slowly is that you might be expecting it to charge as quickly as an iPhone.

We understand that iPhones charge fast. But remember, iPads are much larger and need more time to charge. In fact, an iPad's battery is nearly three times bigger than an iPhone's. So, expecting your iPad to charge as fast as your iPhone will only lead to disappointment.


An iPhone typically takes 1-2 hours to fully charge, while an iPad usually takes 2-3 hours. Before wondering why your iPad charges slowly, consider this difference in charging times first.

Wrong Charger

Using the wrong Apple charger for your iPad can cause problems. Not all cheap, third-party chargers are approved by Apple as safe to use. They may not work well and could cause issues like overheating, slow charging, or damage to your device.


Avoid using just any charger for your iPad. Opt for an official Apple charger or one certified as MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad). Additionally, consider using a charger with at least 12W of power for improved charging speed.